The entirety of this template is constructed using what we call a “Stacked set of Pages” — when you make a new page, and add it to the “Contents” Set, it will appear on your site — above, below or in-between. 💪 

The image slideshow above is made with the Wallpaper backdrop. Cargo has 15 backdrops to mess around with — they’re all very different. Some are mouse-reactive, some get abstract very quickly — but all are worth exploring. 🖖
The images below are arranged using an Image Gallery of which there are 5 layout modes.

A good place to start, once you’ve loaded your images, is to use the randomize button — this will easily give you a layout to work off of — then you can move the images around right in the page. 👍

There is virtue in non-conformity because it makes new forms

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